Pavement Protectors

Asphalt Sweeping for streets and parking lots

Pavement Protectors has two asphalt sweeping trucks to keep your parking areas clean and appealing to customers or tenants.  Our vehicles are equipped with a water spray system and are regenerative air machines, which help control unwanted dust.  The efficient vacuum sweeping trucks do a great job with debris, cinders and litter, making your asphalt area look spiffy clean in no time. 

Both of our vacuum sweepers are giant wet/dry cleaners, intended to clean paved areas.  The vacuum sweepers will remove dirt, dust, bark dust, paper, cigarette butts, glass and other small debris.  We use backpack blowers and mechanical gutter brooms to move debris away from the corners, curbs, vehicles and other obstructions to an area where the vacuums can remove it.  Our larger vacuum truck can be used in large parking areas as well as construction sites.